Umpire School: Day 1

The view from my balcony.

On the first day of umpire school(1), they recommend that you dress business casual as, for most of the people here, this is a job interview.  It’s not for me, but I spend most of my life in business casual so it was no skin off my nose to comply, and it was pretty entertaining to show up in heels and a skirt and watch their reactions.

Most of these guys, though(2), don’t wear suits much, so it was sort of like the interviews at the law firms, a large crowd of people standing around in suits that almost fit, trying to pretend that they aren’t nervous or freaking out.  It was pretty cute.

After check-in, which I got through early, we didn’t have anything to do but wait for orientation, which happens in the evening, so I went to the grocery store(3) and to the pool.  It’s a little misleading, I think, to start the school this way, as according to orientation, umpire school is pretty intense. But I’m not going to argue with a day on the beach in January.

Then we had an orientation meeting.  It was long.  Way too long.(4)  But the gist of it is that we should show up on time and have a positive attitude and be ready to work and there’s not even homework for tomorrow night.  Law school this isn’t.  But there were fewer balls flying at my nose in law school, so maybe they’re even.(5)


(1) I can’t promise that I’ll do a post every day, but I thought the first day was important.

(2) Yes, they are all guys.  I am the only woman.  More on this later.

(3) Many of the rooms have little kitchenettes, which is nice.  I have a place to store my vodka.  🙂

(4) More on this later, too.



5 thoughts on “Umpire School: Day 1

  1. mzunderestimated

    Wow!!! Sounds like this will be an awesome experience for you. I know that being the only female in the group is no threat to you Baseball Julia. Can’t wait to hear more, please keep us posted.


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